Saturday, May 31, 2008


Depression, a very dark word is it not? It has an evil air to it. Actually, this word has a character and mind of its own. Let us be honest about it, we all feel down sometimes. Many mornings did I wake up and feel like doing absolutely nothing at all.

Can we do anything about it? Well, I think it will be an understatement if I were to say "hell yeah, we sure can dude" because it is not always that easy. People can always tell you these clich├ęs like "think out of the box", "don't be such a baby" etc. You know what, if you were in my shoes, hell you would be drenched in tears by now. To borrow a word from the Irish vernacular , you are a bogger and "sunny", you are certainly not in Dublin!!

The real difference can only come from within you. The Aborigines people believe in a walkabout. A phase of revelations, in which one leaves his old self and meets his new self.There are points in your life when you feel there is something wrong, something is just unsettling and not right. When you live another person's life, picking his fights, doing his work, you walk away from yourself. You have to stop, think about yourself and rectify this by connecting to yourself again.

Always remember this, there are always people who are worse off. Poor and rich alike, people around the globe are held captive by some form of restraint be it monetary, cultural, familial, and a myriad of other problems that plague humanity. Looking at other's problems and tragedies and respecting the dignity with which those meek people faced their fate will humble your problems. The fog will clear, and only then will you see that there is a light still at the the end of the tunnel.